DIY Desk - Easy!

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I really love a good looking and efficient desk, it makes it more fun to work! Unfortunately I do not have a big place, so I always worked on my laptop at the dining table. However, I have recently bought a computer, without actually thinking about a place to put it. After a bit of thinking I called a friend of mine for some wood and made myself a really easy desk! 

I bought the table legs at a local DIY shop. They are not meant to be table legs, but more as a work bench. You can, for example, use them for sawing wooden slats. I placed these table legs in the right place and measured the space between the two sidebars on top. 

Originally the wood was used for building scaffolds, so it was still a bit dirty and has a used structure. My friend sawed the wood into 4 pieces of 1,4meter and 2 pieces of 0,7 meter. I measured out that the two pieces of 0,7 would both be placed on the inner side of the sidebars for stability.

Afterwards I attached the two smaller ones to the larger four with screws. All I did was fixing the four pieces together by using the two smaller ones. That’s all, it cannot get easier! Afterwards I place the top on the two table legs. I did not fix them together as I am not planning on doing crazy stuff on that table. 

I’m really happy about my new workspot! 

What do you guys think? 

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